May 11-12
undercurrents - Wiener Festwochen, Donaustadt (AT)

May 16
workshop and artits talk with DRAFF Magazine, Dublin (IE)

June 8
Unforetold - Ateliers de Paris, CDCN Paris (FR)

June 12,14,16
Oblivion - Wiener Festwochen, Vienna (AT)


June 15
collected screams (lecture-performance)  and undercurrents  - Wiener Festwochen, Vienna (AT)


June 28
collected screams - Spectra Salon (language is a virus from outer space) - Marci Panis, Amsterdam (NL)





Sarah Vanhee is currently working on BOK, a long term project in Brussels. BOK stands for Bodies Of Knowledge, a place for the -mainly oral- exchange of non-dominant, underexposed and/or suppressed knowledge between different bodies of knowledge constituting society. BOK is a nomadic object/place that will be found from spring 2020 onwards on different public squares in Brussels. It's  a multi-linguistic and transcultural place with knowledge as connective tissue, where teaching and learning are interwoven concepts. BOK stands for an alternative, embodied learning, refusing the dominant hierarchies in the valuation of knowledge, resisting the detachment of the knower and the known, and suspending the division between mind, body and world.

Spring-Summer 2019 Sarah Vanhee and collaborator Flore Herman are invited by Quarantine in Manchester to develop the research on BOK, in the framework of Tenancy, a Meet The Neigbours project.

Meanwhile, Vanhee is preparing an expanded publication on Lecture For Every One
as well as a new work, undercurrents, for the opening of Wiener Festwochen 2019.

In april, she will be in a writers residency at Centrale Fies, Dro (IT) and in September Manyone will be in residency at Skogen, Gothenburg (SE).