2013 - Performance

Lecture For Every One is a short artistic intervention consisting of a text that Sarah Vanhee or another performer brings/performs at occasions where people are anyway already gathered in order to discuss/exchange/undertake something together. She intrudes into existent situations that are strange to her, and where she herself is a stranger. The text is exactly the same on all the occasions. Some examples: a sales meeting in a luxury hotel, a city council, a team meeting at a multinational, a high society club, the army, a union meeting, an informal meeting of antique collectors, a choir rehearsal, a football training of homeless people etc. Mostly there is only one person within the organization that knows of her coming, for the others it’s a total surprise. She grafts Lecture For Every One onto the meeting, in a moment where there is the necessary concentration and focus, e.g. just before a meeting starts. When the lecture is done, she leaves immediately.

In the text, she tries to address citizens both collectively and individually - avoiding the rhetorics known from political messages, mass media, advertising, rules and laws - in an attempt to speak "freely", in a gesture that addresses both the individual and the collective, and considers society as a co-creation of "every-one". LFEO is a personal and an artistic gesture, a simple but strange object that enters a certain homogenous environment consisting nevertheless of individuals.

The text consists of a hybrid of stories, political reflections and performative momentum. It addresses concerns about our living together, about the state of the common in our societies, about current forces operating upon the human condition. It proposes "fictions" other than those prevailing in our contemporary Western Societies.

LFEO is a viral project that temporary spreads itself in a city, with the support of many different (in) visible agents . It exists in live situations, in hearsay and stories, and online on www.lectureforeveryone.be, Facebook and Twitter.