2007 - Performance

4000 trees, a red dress and an apple (possible story) opens with a man trying to describe a garden in detail to the audience. Gradually he loses control of the mechanics of his speech, and between the gaps in his spoken sentences, other thoughts pop up. Processes of linguistic construction and deconstruction follow each other rapidly, both written and spoken. Soon, his thoughts get embodied by three performers who move across the stage with the intuition of animals, the abrupt energy of children, and the precision of dancers. With their bizarre, colourful choreographies, they create images - sometimes recognizable, other times purely abstract – and demand the attention of both the audience and the protagonist. It’s an odd, surreal world with dubious rules where layers of meaning are accumulated. The body rules the mind so no obvious narrative is possible anymore. It is difficult to say whether the narrator tells stories, or whether the stories just generate themselves.