2019 - Lecture-performance

Since many years I’ve been working on screaming. Screaming is an immediate, affective act, revealing both the strongest power and deepest vulnerability.

I found little or no existing work – academic, artistic or other- that would focus fully on screaming as a phenomenon. I thought it would be interesting to bring some screams together in an anthology, a collection of uttered and non-uttered screams, reflecting on how history, politics, identity and complex power dynamics influence our capacity to scream. In collected screams I share examples of screams and screamers in theory, science, literature, history, fine arts, philosophy, music, mythology, psycho-analysis, sports, film etc.

I move from socially accepted, contextualized and collective screaming to darker, more intimate territories, uncontrolled leakages with no attempt at articulations, infinite screams.

I wonder why we did not scream when we could have screamed and I attempt to re-claim screaming as a tool, a weapon, as instant healing, as a way to unwind or means to express pain, excitement, fear, anger, joy or anything unspeakable.