2009 - Auction-happening

Almost every artist keeps a collection of ideas that, for one reason or another, have never been realized: because they are too expensive, too simple, too complex, too much like something that has been done before, inappropriate in a certain context or so perfect as an idea, that it would lose all value once it has been realised.
The Great Public Sale of Unrealized but Brilliant Ideas is an auction in which you can buy those potential works of art, contributed by various artists. It is a tribute to the unrealized idea as a conceptual rough diamond that appeals to the imagination, while at the same time it questions the art market and its players, authorship, and the creation of value on the basis of an immaterial good. For every new edition of The Great Public Sale of Unrealized but Brilliant Ideas, I collect artist's ideas and present them in an auction setting with local cast including secretaries, assistants, experts, art-handlers, a hammer and a real auctioneer. The audience is free to bid, to participate, to question or re-invent the rules.

Since 2010, there is a licensed version of The Great Public Sale of Unrealized but Brilliant Ideas: the idea of the auction is being sold as an exclusive realization, together with a detailed manual.

The Great Public Sale of Unrealized but Brilliant Ideas House Rules
The Great Public Sale of unrealized but brilliant Ideas takes place under the guidance of auction-manager Sarah Vanhee and her assistant. The sale is being lead by an auctioneer, in the attendance of a valuator, an auction-secretary an assistant and a house pianist.
In order to protect our customers, we only sell ideas of artists whose behaviour is irreproachable.
Bids can only be made by bidders whose name, e-mail address and phone number is known by the secretary.
Bids can only be placed through raising the personal number. Final biddings cannot be discussed once the sale is agreed and confirmed by the auctioneer.
All bids will be made in cc currency (creative capital currency) and will be converted to euros by the auction secretary at the end of the evening.
The minimal bid is 5.000 cc (= 5 euro). A lower bid won’t be considered seriously.
Up to 10.000 cc a minimal increase by 1.000 cc per bid will be applied; higher than 10.000 cc the minimal increase will be 2.000 per bid.
At the beginning of the evening, each visitor of The Great Public Sale of unrealized but brilliant Ideas receives a starting capital of 5000 cc by means of a voucher. Self-evidently, the visitors are invited to bid as high as they want and can afford. Per contract only one voucher is accepted. If the 5.000 cc start capital is not used during the time of the auction, this money will automatically go to the Public Sale Foundation.
Alternative bids other than in , can be placed in Pcc (personal creative capital). The added value of the Pcc’s is being evaluated by the auctioneer, auction-manager and valuator. In case the contributor of the idea is present, he/she has the right to evaluate the Pcc first. Once a bid in Pcc has been accepted, the bidding for this idea can only continue in Pcc.
If the contributor of the idea is present, he/she always has the right of explanation.
During the bidding, cartels are allowed. Though only one main responsible will get the contract on his/her name.
No extra costs will be charged, possible related costs are always on the account of the bidder.
The purchaser hasn’t got any obligation whatsoever concerning the execution or further development of the idea.
However, in case of a potential execution of the project, the original inventor of the idea will be contacted and agree on his/her name being mentioned or not. Personality rights will be respected.
In rule, the idea is being sold including authorship. Only in exceptional cases the rights can be shared and a co-authorship or multi-authorship is possible. Those special cases and other exceptions to the rule will be mentioned clearly before the bidding starts. A specific agreement will be integrated in the contract.
The deal is being agreed in a contract signed by the buyer and the auction-manager in the name of the artist.
If not mentioned differently, the entire profit of the deal goes to the artist.
At any moment The Great Public Sale of unrealized but brilliant Ideas house rules, can be discussed by whoever. The final decision about potential changes in the rules though, will be taken only by the auction-manager, in collaboration with the auctioneer and the valuator.